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ings you may not know about White Dew09-08-2018 10:33 BJTThe traditional Chine

se lunar calendar divides the year into 24 solar terms. White Dew, (Chinese: 鐧介湶)

, the 15th solar term of the year, begins this year▓ on Sept 8 and ends o

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n Sept 22. White Dew indicates the real beginning of cool autumn. The temperatur▓e declines gradually and the vapors in the

air often conde▓nse in

to white dew on the grass and trees at night. Here are 8 things you should know about White Dew.Touring during Sept Varying

by geographical location

, autumn co▓mes earlier in the west and northeast of China. Right now Kanas in Xinjiang, Jiuzhaigou in Sic▓huan and the Greater Hinggan Mountains in North▓eastern China are entering the most

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beautifu▓l season of the year. Forests in gorgeous colors a▓nd minority groups with their diversity of cultural styles h

▓ave attracted a huge number of visitors.More ▓white dews From the first day of the White Dew o▓n, there are more and more dews. Although suns▓hine in the day is still hot, after sunset, tem▓peratures

decrease rapidly. At night, water vapors in the air turn into small water-drops when it encounters cold temperatures. These white water-drops adhere to f?/p>

坙owers, grass and trees. When the morning comes, su